Digitizing NGO's

business processes

Helps non-profit organizations
manage core business & operations

Digital Wallet for NGO’s

  • Manage NGO’s core business and operations digitize their business processes.
  • Contains beneficiary, donor, approved merchants and funds management.
  • Back-end system built on top of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement.

Beneficiary Management

  • Includes beneficiary listing and classification with the ability to add multi-dimensional beneficiary categorization criteria and relationships.
  • Includes digital wallet with a virtual account that is used to purchase goods from registered merchants.
  • Availability of mobile app for easy access to digital wallet details and virtual account balance.

Donors Management

  • Ability to create donation channels that are divided into three categories; predefined products, beneficiary cases and donation programs.
  • Availability of online portal and mobile app for easy access to the list of donation channels and provide the tools for donators to process donations through online payments or cash collection requests.
  • Access to the mobile app also allows immediate access and manages cash collections.

Merchants Management

  • Automates the process of merchant contracting process.
  • Creating an online and mobile access account to process purchase orders by beneficiaries using their digital wallets.
  • Manage consolidated payments to merchants based on submitted transactions.
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