Our solution understands that

business is now about customers

A comprehensive solution
to manage sales and marketing

With the help of a comprehensive CRM solution, companies can focus on managing the customer’s journey successfully. CRM understands what would be the best step for each individual depending on previous activities.

CRM Integration

  • Easily able to integrate with CRM systems.
  • Can utilize widgets or capabilities of Worx Customer Engagement through your CRM desktop and also embed them into our portal.
  • Develop personalized offers through campaign management.

360-Degree View

  • Develop the full picture in one single view.
  • Provides information of customers current products that they have, cross-sell, up-sell products and targeted offers that could potentially be taken place.
  • When needed attention alerts are made to develop a key insight into customer relationship.
  • Give authorization for front-office employees concerning your customers’ data and products.
  • The view shows the historical collections and complaints which are pending so that cues exist and can be followed up.
  • Track the users’ behavior.
  • The advisor should try and understand why this action was made and give recommended suggestions for improvements.
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