How close is your IT environment to meeting VMware best practice recommendations? Do you worry that the assumptions, users and objectives used to design and implement your initial View environment may not be the same today many months after your initial launch? How do those changes impact your environment, your operations, and your user experience? Is this upgrade required?

cubic desktop virtualization health check

Cubic Desktop Virtualization Health Check Service delivers a best practice(inline) assessment of your existing VMware View deployment. It also includes vSphere Health Check, as configuration and implementation issues with the underlying vSphere environment can impact View operations and performance. The technical and operational insights from the VMware consultants will help you improve both the vSphere foundation and the View implementation.

This service is ideal for customers who want to:

  • Upgrade or expand a current production View deployment.
  • Validate the View environment in preparation for an audit or a review.
  • Complete a pre-production design review.
  • Proactive, diagnostic Health Check to maintain a highly optimized and top-performing View environment.
  • Identify configuration changes to improve View performance or address operational challenges.

Throughout the engagement, your team will benefit from knowledge transfer and whiteboard sessions conducted by our VMware consultants. Participants will also learn about best practices, implementation insights, and the impact of vSphere and View environment design on performance and manageability. At the conclusion of the engagement, participants will have an actionable, prioritized roadmap of recommended changes/best inline industry practices.

our approach

Cubic Professional Services consultants will work with your organization following a phased approach, which includes:

  • Validate – Consultants will start by validating engagement objectives and provide a comprehensive overview of the engagement activities, goals and outcomes.
  • Collect – Our consultants will use a combination of assessment questionnaires, design reviews, whiteboard sessions, VMware tools, and third-party toolsets to gather information to evaluate and assess your vSphere and View environments.
  • Analyze – The VMware team will evaluate your view and vSphere against implementation and configuration best practices. Each finding will be classified from P1 to P3, helping you to prioritize your remediation plans.
  • Report –Cubic VMware consultants will create a detailed summary report on your View and vSphere environments and provide an actionable roadmap of recommended changes.
key deliverables
  • vSphere Health Check Report.
  • Desktop Virtualization Health Check Report.
  • Executive Summary.

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Virtualization technologies, we approach every client’s IT infrastructure from scratch with a step-by-step plan. Our first step is to objectively assess the environment and deploy the most optimal solution that fits your particular environment. Our approach is a holistic one that supports the entire virtualization technology life-cycle including consulting, planning, assessments, design, implementation, management, and support.


The assessment session will help our team gain valuable insight into your IT environment following which we will be able to evaluate how best to help you adopt virtualization/VDI The phase will involve a comparison of your current environment with your intended IT environment, keeping in mind your business and technical objectives. The assessment will also include operations costs for provisioning and administration and Investment costs for software licensing, design, plan, deployment and management, infrastructure costs for servers, storage, and networking.

design & architecture

Following the assessment phase, our team will custom-design the end-to-end virtualization solution tailor-made to fit your business requirement. To ensure a successful architecture we provide a detailed project plan and timeline which will outline the specific server virtualization.


Our infrastructure deployment team will transform the design and architecture to custom meet your business benefits. This phase involves meticulous work with the client to efficiently test, validate, configure, implement and integrate the new infrastructure, conduct knowledge transfer, execute rollout plan, and support client system administrators in the post rollout phase.

management & support

With our qualified team Cubic promises a superior level of customized operational support that will provide valuable resources for managing and maintaining your new virtual environment.

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