MEA Finance Summit & Awards 2021 Best Analytics Solution Provider

Cubic Information system is very excited to receive the award for the Best Analytics Solution Provider from MEA Finance during the Banking Technology Summit Event. This award reflects Cubic’s commitment to providing financial institutions with innovative solutions that improve the customer experience across all touchpoints.

Ayoub Elfghi, Cubic’s CEO, said: “we see Data Analytics at the heart of any organization’s efforts toward digital transformation. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, data analytics solutions help financial institutions to offer a pleasant digital experience to their customers thus improving customer acquisition and retention. This will result in quicker time to service the customer, better customer experience when you offer what they really want, reducing the risks on the organization and accelerating routine decision-making”

“We have been talking to a number of our customers in the ME about using data analytics in some use cases, such as credit risk scoring, churn reduction, personalized experience, and sales optimization”, added Ameen Jarrah, Sales Director at Cubic. “By ingesting customer data from multiple sources into data lakes that are cloud-hosted and running tested machine learning models, you can identify the most relevant offer/action over the most relevant channel at the most relevant time for each customer”.

Cubic offers data analytics consulting and strategic planning services to assist our clients in building advanced analytics frameworks. Our customers can get a comprehensive data transformation toolset that generates actionable insights for their decision-makers. The journey starts by taking a deep dive into your existing data, challenges, and IT capabilities to see where the opportunities are. We plan the delivery journey working closely with your teams in an agile way to ensure we meet your business objectives.